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When we think about data we think about how retailers collect and analyze data to improve customer experience. Do you however, take the time to think how data could benefit you in your daily life?

Have you ever thought that the receipts you accumulate could actually be important? Retailers do, we can tell you that much! Retailers are just far more efficient at it than you are. Retailers digitally record all data and have reporting facilities which specialize in presenting the data in a structured and beneficial manner.

So what stops you from analyzing and learning from your own data which Retailers physically hand you every time you shop with them? Is it;

  • Because it is all on paper and you have to physically sort and capture it yourself;
  • Because you lose majority of the slips which make the results inaccurate;
  • Or is it that the thought never crossed your mind that the retailer is actively providing you with data on what you purchase and when you purchased it.

Take your data to Custodi and beyond to actually start learning about what you spend your money on.

How does Custodi give you this power?

It’s simple, we collect your receipts! Your receipt will be sent to your Custodi account for storage after you are done paying for your goods. All it takes is a wave of the hand to scan your Custodi barcode which will be on your Custodi app or a physical barcode. The physical barcode offers you the ability to keep the barcode on a card, bracelet, necklace or even printed on a piece of paper in your wallet. The point we trying to make is that you can keep the physical barcode anywhere you want, you are only limited by your imagination.

Capturing the receipt is just step one. You will then start to benefit because your history of transactions is being saved. Custodi does not simply keep the images of your slips, because then we would be like everyone else! Custodi reads the line items on your receipt and sorts them into the various spend categories they belong under such as entertainment and food for example.

Custodi has now saved you the effort of sitting and sorting the items on your receipts. We can do this because Custodi can understand what is on your receipt as soon as it’s captured into Custodi.

Your Custodi application will present your monthly spend data to you in a well organized and structured manner so you as the user can examine your data and make informed decisions.

Just by having access to your receipts you can now sort by category, view overall expenses and receive recommended budgets based on your spend.

Custodi will not just be limited to retailers, Custodi plans to expand into all store spaces so that you can start collecting and benefiting from your own data.

Live smart with Custodi and collect! Knowledge is power and you can only make informed decisions based on sufficient data.

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